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  1. News
    Hundreds of Classical Products Serve Thousands of Households
    Guangzhou Textile Holding Limited new products showed in 131st Canton Fair enterprise exhibition

      New concept, new style, new products. With the two concept "Lucid waters and lush mountains" and "Enlightenment of nature" gaining increasingly recognition, Guangzhou Textiles Holdings Limited, affiliated to Guangzhou Consumer Goods and Services Group Ltd.,stood out from a number of enterprises recommended by the national trading group. It was successfully selected into representative quality enterprise as well as the "Bee and Honey" exploration activity of the 131st Canton Fair. Moreover, Xinhua News gave a live coverage of the venue.

      On April 21, with the support of the Canton Fair and Xinhua News, Guangzhou Textiles helped deepen the understanding of "Green, Low-carbon and Sustainable" for global buyers on 8 major international social media including Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, VK and Pinterest.

      Wearing “nature” and integrate development into nature. Products of "Enlightenment of nature" brings consumers natural, antibacterial, soft and functional fabrics, as well as colorful matching clothing. In addition, such products also show our determination and commitment in "carbon peak".

      With the construction of harmonious coexistence and ecological modern supply chain of textile and apparel, Guangzhou Textiles has gradually built a path of green and high-quality development, which will become the new kinetic energy as well as a new engine for growth, relying on industrial chain integration service capabilities of international resources, manufacturing and marketing.